Our Work

Wheelchair Angels International is all about our Littlest Angels – and a group of individuals dedicated to making sure that the lives of these kids are not defined by their inability to be able to go outside of their home.  Wheelchair mobility can provide the ability to go outside, many for the first time, with some assistance or independently.   And it's really that simple.

Every child represents a moment of stewardship that is sent our way. That stewardship is demonstrated by the quality of our five-fold response:

  1. Identify eligible kids according to pre-set physical and financial needs. (Nearly all are financially needy.)
  2. Fit each child with a wheelchair that is specially adapted to his or her particular physical need. This frequently includes providing other clinical assistive devices if required.
  3. Train parents and caregivers how properly to use and care for each wheelchair.
  4. Follow-up quarterly with adjustments as needed.
  5. Provide guidance and encouragement so that each child gets to school as well as engages with his or her peer group. (School is frequently provided by one of our most important partners, Lifegate Rehabilitation in Beit Jala, which offers vocational training, and classes through 8th grade.)

Although Wheelchair Angels’ work has been done chiefly with Lifegate Rehabilatation, in Beit Jala, Palestinian Authorities we are actively exploring expanded involvement in Egypt, Jordan, Kurdistan, Sudan and other areas given the great need.  Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this ministry of service to the Littlest Angels.